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Gel Ankle Heel Support


Ankle Gel Sleeve Sock

- Soothe and protect sensitive Achilles and heels

- Designed to protect and give relief from injured Achilles tendon, heel bumps and sore sensitive heels

- The special design, made to fit all common sizes - Can be worn on either left or right foot.

- The Gel Ankle Sleeve also moisturizes - TPR Gel containing medical grade mineral oil.

- The Sleeve provides mild compression to help reduce swelling in and around the ankle and Achilles area.

- This stretchy sleeve contains a soft, comfortable gel pad that lies snugly against the back of your heel and ankle offering protection from pressure and friction.

- Please choose 1 or 2 supports from the drop down menu above.

- To clean, hand wash with mild soap and water - Rinse thoroughly and air dry - Lightly dust with talcum powder if gel becomes sticky after washing.

Product Code:GAS-HL

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