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Gel BOTH ANKLES Protection Sock


BOTH ANKLES Gel Sleeve Sock

- Protect protruding ankle bones

- Designed to protect the lateral and medial malleolar, the protruding bones on each side of the ankle that are very prone to rub against the interior of footwear and become sore.

- The special design, made to fit all common sizes - Can be worn on either left or right foot.

- The Gel Ankle Sleeve also moisturises - TPR Gel containing medical grade mineral oil.

- The Sleeve provides mild compression to help reduce swelling in and around the anklebone.

- Two soft TPR gel pads molded into the elastic sleeve, comfortably conforms over the ankle to moisturise your skin while they cushion and protect your ankle from abrasion, friction, shear, chafing and callus formation.

- Please choose 1 or 2 supports from the drop down menu above.

- To clean, hand wash with mild soap and water - Rinse thoroughly and air dry - Lightly dust with talcum powder if gel becomes sticky after washing.

Product Code:GAS-BA

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