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24K Gold Plated Magnetic Therapy Unisex Bangle.


24K Gold Plated Magnetic Therapy Unisex Bangle + Earrings

Join the millions of people who believe in the power of MAGNETIC THERAPY

- Pain Relief using Magnets around the body has a been a very successful practice in alternative medicine.

- By using our Magnetic Therapy bangle & Earrings you too can join themillions of people who use them every day for pain relief.

- Two magnets are strategically placed at each end of the bangle.

- The magnetic fields created can help improve blood flow and circulation in the body, easing the pain of aching joints and limbs.

- Have been attributed by many for easing the acute/chronic pain associated with Rheumatism, Arthiritis, Sciatica and many other ailments

- Attractively designed for use by BOTH LADIES AND GENTS and finished in 24K gold plating.

- The OrNega Bangle contains copper alloys and is nickel free - With magnetite reaching 2600 +/- gauss, the perfect strength for healing purposes.

- You will receive 1x Magnetic Therapy Bangle & 1x set of Magnetic Earrings (Includes Presentation Box).

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