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2x ULTIMATE FLEA TRAPS - Includes 12 Sticky Discs

2x ULTIMATE FLEA TRAPS - Includes 12 Sticky Discs


Highly effective with 12 discs included FREE!

  • The easy, effective way to trap fleas. Enough in the package to catch fleas - for MONTHS.
  • The TERMINATOR FLEA TRAP is irresistible to fleas.
  • Simply place on the floor and plug it in.
  • It radiates a constant gentle heat similar to that found on all warm blooded animals, especially CATS and DOGS.
  • These highly undesirable and unhealthy pests are attracted to the unit and are trapped on the replaceable sticky discs.
  • (12 discs supplied FREE - sell elsewhere for £9.99 on their own!).
  • Trap and kill before they start laying their eggs in your carpets etc and before they start making your bedding, clothes etc as their home.
  • Odour free to humans, the Terminator stops the fleas jumping back onto your pet or you!
  • Act NOW! Before you start itching.
  • Mains operated. No batteries needed!
  • Pack Includes: 2 Traps, 2 Bulbs and 12 Discs!
  • Product Code: FTR

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