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Great Ideas(tm) - Furniture Sliders - Moving Heavy Furniture Has Never Been Easier


Great Ideas(tm) - Furniture Sliders - 8 PIECE VALUE PACK.

  • Can be used to manoeuvre your bed, sofa, bookshelf, closet, fridge, dining table, wardrobe, dressing table, display shelf, filing cabinet, desk, television, piano and all other large or awkward household/office items.
  • Works effectively on carpets, tiles and wooden floors. Rounded edges guide the slides smoothly over carpets or floor tiles. Smooth rounded base acts as a floor protector.
  • NO ADHESIVE NEEDED - Thick foam secures and confirms to any type of furniture or object being placed on instantly!
  • Uplift and slip one SLIDING ROBOT under each corner of your furniture or object and slide it effortlessly to the desired location by simply pulling or pushing.
  • No more hassle trying to cleaning behind large objects!
  • Product Code:ESL

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