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Pet Heart Shaped Water Bottles

Pet Heart Shaped Water Bottles


  • ✅ Mini Hot Water Bottle - Special Family Pack of 3 - One of each colour.
  • ✅ 750ml capacity - Leak-proof Cap.
  • ✅ High Quality Design - Made from Natural Rubber.
  • ✅ The ideal gift for anyone or just a winter treat for your pet OR yourself! Make 3 small gifts just out of this special price pack! 


      1. Do not use boiling hot water and only fill two-thirds capacity or less. 
      2. Ensure the stopper is securely tightened before use.
      3. Wrap in a blanket, towel or pillow case to prevent scalding.
      4. Do not overfill as this may cause the bottle to burst.
      5. For safety please keep your pet under supervision while in use.

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