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Soft Gel Toe Spreader & Divider

Soft Gel Toe Spreader & Divider


Super-Soft Gel Toe Separator - Two Pair Pack
Get Fast Relief from Hallax Valgus, Bunions, Corns, Calluses, Toe Injury and Inflammation!

  • A must-have innovation for any of the following toe conditions:
  • Bunions - Corns - Calluses - Arthritis - Hammer Toe - Hallux Rigus and Hallux Valgus (Great Toe Arthritis) - Gout and many other ailments.
  • Stops the injured toe from rubbing against its neighbours and causing further misery.
  • Made from special S.E.B.S. Polymer (Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene) that absorbs friction and relieves pressure between toes.
  • Re-useable and washable in mild soap and warm water.
  • Please select your size from the Drop-Down Menu.
  • Small/Medium for UK shoe sizes 3-7.
  • Medium/Large for UK shoe sizes 7-11.
  • You will receive TWO Pairs of Soft Gel Toe Separators in this pack.
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